Old Soul

Week 14 - Old Soul

Week 14 – Old Soul

When I need a break from work, time spent mostly in front of a computer, I like to take my lunch breaks outside to soak in some vitamin D.  Center city offers few spaces to find the quiet to complement the natural light and fresh air.  On one of my walks I passed this quiet little space a few blocks from my office.  Just two cement benches in a brick paved area set under a dogwood tree.  It’s not a bus stop or backyard.  Just this space available to the public to sit, rest, get out of the sun, make a phone call, whatever.  But it’s quiet and comfortable for a short time. When I hear the term “Old Soul” I think of trees – strong and protective, intelligent and quiet. This tree is not a great oak, but it is beautiful as it blooms in the spring and peaceful.


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