What the Devil is This?

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this topic until I was leaving my dentist’s office and saw these two large birds scampering across the lawn across the street. I heard myself say aloud “What the [devil] is that?”. What I thought looked liked peacocks were probably pheasants, as I studied the pictures I snapped from my iPhone. Then on the way back to my car, the camera feature still on, I looked down at the viewfinder where the gravel driveway was creating an interesting movie as I walked. Once again, I found myself saying “Now, what the [devil] is that?” for a few seconds before I recognized the camera was still the active app. One more time in the same day I caught an interesting image from the camera accidentally. This time it was the lines from my striped dress pants I was wearing.

Week 17 - What the Devil is This?

Week 17 – What the Devil is This?

So now I knew that I would use these images for this week’s topic, thinking originally to just make a patchwork of these textures, until … I was coming upstairs from starting a load of laundry and noticed what appeared to be face image in the old plaster walls coming up from my basement. I snapped a picture and now that I had a face I went on a more deliberate search of textures and closeups from my household. Textures are from curtains, a couch cushion and a door stop. And that explains what the devil this is.

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