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Weekly Review Update

Apologies for being so behind in posting updated artwork.  Life has gotten busier and we have not had time to share and review our pieces for a couple weeks.  I don’t want to post to the world until after Our 52 Review.  Hope to post the new pieces around the July 4th holiday.  We are still picking topics weekly though.

Thanks for your patience!

Image – Bike in Snow

This image reminded me of a piece of artwork a coworker shared with me which was a collage of miscellaneous items painted over with gesso.  I created my own with objects I have been keeping for the “right” project.  Very tempted to paint over it in an alternate single color but kept with the topic  – this time – snow white it remains.

Week 23 - Part 2

Week 23 – Part 2

Week 23 - Part 1

Week 23 – Part 1

I am Unlimited

Finally made it to the climbing gym and was inspired to cast fear and hesitation to the wayside.  What took me so long to try this, I can only guess.  It’s really not that hard (to try something new).  I am lucky to have many interests and very little preventing me from enjoying any of them – except perhaps – time enough.

Week 22 - I am Unlimited

Week 22 – I am Unlimited