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Had a visit from my nieces from North Carolina.  This was the first I met little Miss Sarah.  She was quite intent on gathering all of the sidewalk chalk, in the process giving her black and white panda jacket a little pastel coloring.


Week 18 – Portrait of Miss Sarah

What the Devil is This?

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this topic until I was leaving my dentist’s office and saw these two large birds scampering across the lawn across the street. I heard myself say aloud “What the [devil] is that?”. What I thought looked liked peacocks were probably pheasants, as I studied the pictures I snapped from my iPhone. Then on the way back to my car, the camera feature still on, I looked down at the viewfinder where the gravel driveway was creating an interesting movie as I walked. Once again, I found myself saying “Now, what the [devil] is that?” for a few seconds before I recognized the camera was still the active app. One more time in the same day I caught an interesting image from the camera accidentally. This time it was the lines from my striped dress pants I was wearing.

Week 17 - What the Devil is This?

Week 17 – What the Devil is This?

So now I knew that I would use these images for this week’s topic, thinking originally to just make a patchwork of these textures, until … I was coming upstairs from starting a load of laundry and noticed what appeared to be face image in the old plaster walls coming up from my basement. I snapped a picture and now that I had a face I went on a more deliberate search of textures and closeups from my household. Textures are from curtains, a couch cushion and a door stop. And that explains what the devil this is.

Old Soul

Week 14 - Old Soul

Week 14 – Old Soul

When I need a break from work, time spent mostly in front of a computer, I like to take my lunch breaks outside to soak in some vitamin D.  Center city offers few spaces to find the quiet to complement the natural light and fresh air.  On one of my walks I passed this quiet little space a few blocks from my office.  Just two cement benches in a brick paved area set under a dogwood tree.  It’s not a bus stop or backyard.  Just this space available to the public to sit, rest, get out of the sun, make a phone call, whatever.  But it’s quiet and comfortable for a short time. When I hear the term “Old Soul” I think of trees – strong and protective, intelligent and quiet. This tree is not a great oak, but it is beautiful as it blooms in the spring and peaceful.