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Image – Bike in Snow

This image reminded me of a piece of artwork a coworker shared with me which was a collage of miscellaneous items painted over with gesso.  I created my own with objects I have been keeping for the “right” project.  Very tempted to paint over it in an alternate single color but kept with the topic  – this time – snow white it remains.

Week 23 - Part 2

Week 23 – Part 2

Week 23 - Part 1

Week 23 – Part 1

What the Devil is This?

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this topic until I was leaving my dentist’s office and saw these two large birds scampering across the lawn across the street. I heard myself say aloud “What the [devil] is that?”. What I thought looked liked peacocks were probably pheasants, as I studied the pictures I snapped from my iPhone. Then on the way back to my car, the camera feature still on, I looked down at the viewfinder where the gravel driveway was creating an interesting movie as I walked. Once again, I found myself saying “Now, what the [devil] is that?” for a few seconds before I recognized the camera was still the active app. One more time in the same day I caught an interesting image from the camera accidentally. This time it was the lines from my striped dress pants I was wearing.

Week 17 - What the Devil is This?

Week 17 – What the Devil is This?

So now I knew that I would use these images for this week’s topic, thinking originally to just make a patchwork of these textures, until … I was coming upstairs from starting a load of laundry and noticed what appeared to be face image in the old plaster walls coming up from my basement. I snapped a picture and now that I had a face I went on a more deliberate search of textures and closeups from my household. Textures are from curtains, a couch cushion and a door stop. And that explains what the devil this is.

Memory Book

Memory Book

Week 5 – Memory Book

I set out to begin my collage with miscellaneous items of relevance and/or interesting textures.  I started with a piece of wood, stapled fabric down and gessoed it.  Painted textures and washes and added tissue paper and an actual page from my journal, and watched as the piece came to life.  It is small, approximately 6″ x 9″.  I’d like to try something like this again.  Very fun.