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Chicago Bean

Chicago Bean

Week 9 – Chicago Bean

This was an interesting study of reflection and color. I was not about to try to capture this image accurately but I did try to capture the lady in green loosely. It surprised me to see how often she was found in the reflections about the bean. Now I have another destination to add to my list of places I’d like to visit. I could imagine spending a couple hours studying this sculpture live. Very fun!

Got It!

Got It!

Week 8 – Got It!

I used two, actually four, canvases to create the “exclamation point” within an exclamation point for emphasis on the topic – It!

This is another topic I loved yet struggled with.  I knew I wanted to created the double exclamation points by hot gluing the smaller canvases onto the larger ones but wasn’t sure what I wanted the image to represent.  I chose a face reflecting confidence and the approving thumbs up acknowledging the “it”.

Week 8 – Got It!

Chosen Sunday, February 17, 2013

This is another of my contributions. But first, here’s the story behind the phrase “Got It”.

A few years back my PA sisters and I drove down to visit our North Carolina sister for a Sisters Weekend. We stopped for gas and as I was filling the tank a gentleman drove past our car and yelled out to me “You got it!” I looked up puzzled, I suppose, but slightly amused not sure if I had heard him correctly. (Please note: I am not a type that normally or regularly attracts much attention and certainly not that particular day after driving over 6 hours.) But just to make sure he got his point across, he drove around a second time and once again commented – “You got IT!” I chuckled and got into the car. My sisters asked me what he said to me. I responded emphatically – “I’ve got IT!” (emphasis on “it”).  It has become somewhat of a joke now between us.

Everybody has probably experienced days when they recognize their “it” is on.  It’s like being in a zone. Conversely, on the days you feel flat and have no rhythm, you’ve lost your “it”.   But sometimes all you need to get it back is an observation from a random stranger.

More Fun with Less Effort


Week 7 – More Fun with Less Effort (revisiting Week 5, Memory Book)

This topic could have been approached in any of several ways. One would have been to just play without regard to the final product. I revisited Week 5, Memory Book, and created a new, larger collage of miscellaneous found objects and items of interest.

More Fun, Less Effort

Week 7 – More Fun with Less Effort

My second approach was to capture a moment from one of my favorite periods in my life, raising my children. This is an acrylic painting of my son and his best buddy when they were playing in the backyard. “More Fun, Less Effort” perfectly sums up those years when my kids were young and brought me pure joy (as in – before they hit their teens!).

Word on the Street


Week 6 – Word on the Street

This was another of my favorite topics gone bad. The object was to capture bits of conversations off the street and create an interpretation. However, the week was particularly busy and cold, so I was not out and about at all. Went to work, came home, ate, slept, repeated each day. By the time Saturday came around, I was still without a stolen snippet and desperate to get one. I walked into town (there’s always people walking around the stores downtown Bethlehem) and tried to eavesdrop on the few who ventured out that chilly afternoon. This is what happened – the people I encountered either had nothing interesting to say, spoke too softly to their companion or said nothing at all. A very quiet outing. So I resorted to using miscellaneous comments I overheard during the work week. I have to admit that this painting took several weeks/phases to be “complete enough” to my satisfaction. I am trying not to be too critical throughout this project so – it is what it is. But definitely, a topic I may revisit in my spare time.

Week 6 – Word on the Street

Chosen Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have been dying to call this topic.  The intention is to listen to people you pass on the streets, in stores, or anywhere in the general public and eaves drop on the conversations.  Even if only a few seconds, the words captured represent a fragment of the entire story.  And sometimes they are so bizarre, you’d love to hear the rest of the story.