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What’s in Your Beach Bag?

This submission was just too much fun.  I was focusing on the similar shapes of my chosen beach-themed articles but also incorporated the beach bag as my canvases backdrop and mixed sand in the paint for the beach and salt around the rim of the margarita glass.  Now I’m really ready for summer!

Beach Bag

Week 13 – What’s in Your Beach Bag?

Calendar, Contemplate, Insatiable, Encourage

Week 12 - Calendar, Contemplate, Insatiable, Encourage

Week 12 – Calendar, Contemplate, Insatiable, Encourage

I wouldn’t say these four words, randomly picked from a hat, were easily compatible. But easy is not necessarily the point of this year-long project, now is it? So let me explain this piece. The red individual represents Insatiable. The large, green (envy?) eyes always aware of the calendar and time passing, knowing there is so much more to accomplish but knowing that no achievement will be enough. Insatiable is never satisfied.

The blue, individual is Contemplate. A thinker who is content in their existence and has much wisdom to offer. Contemplate is quietly encouraging, ever hopeful that all will one day find peace in themselves as well.


Week 11 - New&Year

Week 11 – New&Year

Besides the painting in this post, I also designed the logo for this site for this week’s topic. They go hand-in-hand. As mentioned, I went with my first reaction and the significance of the topic in relation to this project. New creations, various mediums, all year long. Simple.

Week 11 – New&Year

Chosen Sunday, March 10, 2013

The wording on this headline was interesting, Not New Year – New & Year. My first response to this topic is this Our 52 project itself. We are trying to create something new and throughout the year. I think I will go with that.