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What the Devil is This?

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this topic until I was leaving my dentist’s office and saw these two large birds scampering across the lawn across the street. I heard myself say aloud “What the [devil] is that?”. What I thought looked liked peacocks were probably pheasants, as I studied the pictures I snapped from my iPhone. Then on the way back to my car, the camera feature still on, I looked down at the viewfinder where the gravel driveway was creating an interesting movie as I walked. Once again, I found myself saying “Now, what the [devil] is that?” for a few seconds before I recognized the camera was still the active app. One more time in the same day I caught an interesting image from the camera accidentally. This time it was the lines from my striped dress pants I was wearing.

Week 17 - What the Devil is This?

Week 17 – What the Devil is This?

So now I knew that I would use these images for this week’s topic, thinking originally to just make a patchwork of these textures, until … I was coming upstairs from starting a load of laundry and noticed what appeared to be face image in the old plaster walls coming up from my basement. I snapped a picture and now that I had a face I went on a more deliberate search of textures and closeups from my household. Textures are from curtains, a couch cushion and a door stop. And that explains what the devil this is.

Obstacles in My Path

Had to sit with this one a bit.  The main difficulty I was having with this topic was that it carried a negative tone which contradicted the excitement I had been feeling since beginning this project January 1.  But many people struggle when they are “stuck”.  And we are all guilty of coming up with excuses from time to time for why we are not improving, learning, achieving our goals.   “Oh, I will eat better…after the holidays.  I will get in shape…once the weather warms up.  I’ll visit more often…right after my busy season.”  There always seems to be obstacles.  But I think, most times, WE ourselves are the only real obstacle in our path.  So I created an illustration using Adobe Photoshop showing the road we are on cluttered with our own heads rolling about.  The “obstacles” represent various aspects of life.  A more subtle truth is that what we call obstacles in our lives are life itself.  Life is family and work and friends, along with the inevitable challenges that emerge trying to keep it all together.  All those heads are more relevant to our story than the perceived goal awaiting at the end of our path.

Obstacles in My Path

Week 3 – Obstacles in My Path

Sidenote – This week I got sick with what I believe was the closest thing to the flu possible and had an actual obstacle in my path!  That’ll learn me to be judgmental.