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Weekly Review Update

Apologies for being so behind in posting updated artwork.  Life has gotten busier and we have not had time to share and review our pieces for a couple weeks.  I don’t want to post to the world until after Our 52 Review.  Hope to post the new pieces around the July 4th holiday.  We are still picking topics weekly though.

Thanks for your patience!

Our 52 Review

January Champagne

Our 52 Review – January Champagne

So we got through January and I have to say, I am happy with the results.  We both completed the 5 topics in January and reviewed them over pizza and champagne.  One thing we have discovered is that one week is not a long time to complete a quality finished product.

So after one month, I’d personally like to take a step back and rethink my goals of this project.  I guess for starters, the main objective is to think creatively more often.  Now that I am working an 8-5 job again, it is easy to slip into a rut and waste the tired evenings away. This year-long project will help prevent that.

Now regarding the quality…I am not sure it is the most important goal but I certainly would love to have several portfolio pieces by the end of a year. I mean really, 52 pieces of art, certainly not ALL of them can be horrible, right?

The great thing I have been experiencing is the desire and continued excitement of exploring where I haven’t been for a very long time.  I WANT to come home and work on the topic of the week.  I am also finding that as I am working on the topic, a dozen or more ideas come to me for future projects.  And that is definitely a good place to be.